Save time.

BECODE BCA generates a draft BCA report in 60 seconds.


BECODE BCA sorts through the code in seconds so architects, project managers, BCA consultants and engineers can focus on the safety issues that really matter.


We've kept it simple

For less than $1 a day, you can have efficiency at the drop of a hat. A monthly subscription with no strings, no fuss and no lock-in contracts.


*When you subscribe you receive a 14 day free-trial. If you cancel before this time, you won’t be charged.

Why can I trust BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA was created by experience industry professionals that use the NCC every day. Fire engineers, BCA consultants, acoustic engineers and project managers that had a vision to make working with the NCC more efficient.

Who can use BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA is designed to be used by BCA consultants, project managers, engineers, architects and other users with some experience and understanding of the NCC and building compliance.

Can I cancel my subscription if I don’t think BECODE BCA is for me?

Yes. BECODE works on a monthly basis. So you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime.

Are there any kinds of buildings that BECODE BCA won’t work for?

BECODE BCA includes all the provisions of Volume 1 of the NCC suite. This means it can be used for the majority of buildings, including all Class 2-9 buildings.