Removing the noise

We're reimagining efficiency and giving you all of the compliance information relevant to your project in real time.

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It started with a feeling of frustration...

The same frustration all BCA users have felt. You spend hours thumbing through the BCA to find the correct clause, to then comb through the 4-page clause to find the exact sentence you need. It's arduous and inefficient, sometimes it can take consultants hours to get answers to simple questions, and that can leave everyone struggling to keep up with their deadlines.

We decided that we'd had enough. So we began interrogating the code in detail with one thought in mind,

"How can we make this better?"

Two years later, we have a solution! We have developed a usable, efficient and productive interface that transforms the BCA into a practical, time-efficient and adaptable tool.

We're not your average tech start-up.

We all started out as fire engineers, acoustic engineers, project managers and BCA consultants. We not only know the code inside out, but also how it's being used day to day in the industry.

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