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Creating intelligent solutions that ensure every building is a compliant one.

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 It started with a feeling of frustration...

The frustration that many building services professionals have felt. Documentation is at the core of what we do, but it’s not easy to use, navigate or maintain. Many companies have found ways to streamline their processes and make documentation easy - but none of them understood the construction industry.

We decided that we'd had enough. So we began interrogating some of our most common documents and processes with one thought in mind,

"How can we make this better?"

Two years later, we’ve developed a range of tools to remove the noise from some of the building industry’s most common processes to bring speed, flexibility and compliance options to the construction industry.

We are tech trailblazers documentation demons compliance connoisseurs engineering aficionados project management pioneers documentation demons

We all started out as fire engineers, acoustic engineers, project managers and BCA consultants. We know the industry inside out because we’re a part of it.

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Will Marshall - Founder and Director

Will is a registered C10 Fire Engineer with a passion for efficiency. After years of working on some of the most influential buildings in Australia and abroad, he saw a need to reinvent the way we use technology in construction, and BECODE was born.

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Pete Sanderson - General Manager

Pete is an Acoustic Engineer, turned Project Manager, turned General Manager, with decades of international experience in the construction industry. Pete leads BECODE’s product and business development.

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Sanaa Muhammad - Technical Development Lead

Sanaa’s international experience in front-end development and is responsible for making the development of BECODE’s products a seamless and collaborative process.


Steven Johns - Back End Developer

Steven has had a colourful and varied career in construction, journalism, marketing and management, but he’s truly found his calling in back-end development. He’s responsible for making sure that the ‘0’s and 1’s’ side of BECODE products works smoothly.

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Eliot Reeves - PBC: Associate Director

Eliot is a registered C10 Fire Engineer that consults on some of the largest jobs in Australia. Although he is technically AD at PBC (BECODE’s sister company) he collaborates with the team to ensure BECODE products live up to the needs and standards of our customers.

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Cyndy Reddy - PBC: Fire Safety Engineer

Cyndy is a Materials Engineer turned Fire Engineer that works with our BECODE Hotspot clients to ensure their buildings are compliant and safe, and that the technical output of each Hotspot is flawless.

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Elliott Vercoe - Junior AI Developer

Elliott started his Engineering career as a Fire Engineer at our sister company PBC. However, when he found his passion in technology and retrained in AI and Machine Learning we were thrilled to bring him over to BECODE’s product team.


Jin Cong - Python Developer

Jin is BECODE’s python developer. Having worked with us since the beginning (She even worked remotely for 6 months while studying abroad in Switzerland) Jin is the most familiar with the technical ins and outs of BECODE BCA, and the Python coding that forms the basis for our complex BCA filter.

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Nathalie Lynton - HR Manager

Nathalie Lynton has 20 years experience in HR and Recruitment having worked for large organisation such as Optus. She is responsible for ensuring the entire BECODE team are happy, safe and fulfilled at work.

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Dan Vo - Design and Marketing Coordinator

Dan has a background in industrial design, but more recently has been working in graphics and UI. He’s responsible for ensuring that BECODE is visually easy to use and understand both within the app, and within the marketplace.

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Kelly Tompson - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Kelly has a background in Public Relations, Branding and Content Marketing before moving to PBG in 2017. She is responsible for creating and overseeing all of BECODE’s marketing activities.

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Annabel Zhou - BCA Documentation Specialist

Annabel is our BCA Documentation Specialist. Having started with us over Summer as an Intern, Annabel will continue to study at UNSW whilst working with us to ensure that BECODE BCA has the right documentation and is using it effectively and efficiently.