Frequently Asked Questions


Is it a 12 month contract?

Nope. No lock-in contract at all. You can have your subscription for one month, twelve months or ten years. You’ll pay $300 per month, for every month you’re signed up.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! Every subscription comes with a free two-week trial. Even though you enter your credit card details upon sign up, we won’t charge you until your free trial is over. So if you’re not satisfied, just cancel within the first two weeks to avoid payment.


Can we book a time to see BECODE BCA in action before we sign up?

You sure can! Simply click here to fill in this form and one of our BECODE reps will organise a time to chat.

WHo was involved in the creation of BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA was created by engineers and BCA consultants, who understand the code inside out. By working with master programmers, the leadership team has seen BECODE BCA come to life in their vision. We originally created BECODE BCA to make our jobs easier, that's why we know it works.


Who can use BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA is designed for BCA Consultants and certifiers. However, a lot of Architects, Specialised Engineers and Project Managers find BECODE BCA a useful platform to get compliance answers quickly. For more information about whether BECODE BCA is right for you, we suggest setting up a time to chat to one of our BECODE reps.

What kind of buildings can BECODE BCA help me with?

BECODE BCA includes volume one of the NCC, and therefore can be used to help with residential towers, offices, retail centres, schools, aged care facilities and other projects that are required to conform to the standards of the BCA.