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The Basics

Who can use BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA can be used by BCA consultants, project managers, engineers, architects that need to know how the constraints of the BCA will affect their project. BECODE BCA assumes that users have an intermediate understanding of the BCA and building compliance in general.

Why can I trust BECODE BCA?

BECODE BCA was created by engineers and BCA consultants, who understand the building compliance process inside out. We built BECODE BCA to make our jobs easier, that's why we know it works.


What types of buildings does BECODE BCA work with?

BECODE BCA contains Volume 1 of the National Construction Code. That means it helps when working on the compliance of Class 2-9 buildings. This includes everything from residential towers, big block retail, stadiums, hospitals and aged care facilities. It does not include houses or duplexes.


Can I share my BECODE BCA building profiles with others?

It’s what BECODE BCA is designed for! You can share BECODE BCA with everyone in the D&C team. From the Architect, the Fire Services Engineer, the client - BECODE BCA has customised access tiers that allow you to share with the team, whilst still remaining in complete control of your report and design assurance information.

Can I export by BECODE BCA assessment?

YES! BECODE BCA has a specialised export feature, allowing you to download your BECODE BCA assessment in both PDF and word format. Saving you time and getting answers to the D&C team quickly.


What’s the deal with a BECODE BCA subscription?

We’ve kept BECODE BCA’s pricing simple. $300 per user, per month. No complicated pricing tiers. No lock in contracts. You can have 1 team member use it, or five team members use it. For one year, or one month. You only pay for the people that use it, for as long as they use it.


How does BECODE BCA figure out which parts of the BCA are relevant and which ones are not?

That’s the smart bit! Behind the user interface there are algorthims and flows built by subject matter experts to pick through the BCA and find the right information based on your building inputs.

Does BECODE BCA work on my smartphone, iPad or other tablet device?

Yes. You can now use BECODE BCA on you your tablet and smartphone in tablet mode.

Customer Service Questions

Can I give someone else access to the information on my BECODE account?

Yes. Whilst each team member is required to have a separate account, users are able to share projects and outputs between each other.  

Can I try BECODE BCA for free?

Yes. We’d recommend getting in contact with our team to organise a free demonstration. We have a team of people that not only know BECODE BCA inside out, but also understand how the building compliance process works, and the best ways to integrate new technology into your business processes. They can help you figure out if BECODE BCA is right for you, and help you get the most out of your free trial.


How does BECODE manage my payment details?

BECODE BCA is an automatic monthly bill. We use a company called Stripe to manage these payments. They’re renowned for their security and reliability, and have facilitated these kinds of payments for companies like Salesforce, Hubspot and Shopify. So, we know they’re good.

Can I cancel my BECODE subscription at anytime?

Yes. You’re in complete control of your subscription. By going to the Account Settings menu in BECODE BCA, you can enter your subscription portal. The only important thing to note is that we can’t refund any subscription bills that are made, so make sure you cancel your subscription before your next bill is issued, not after.


What do I do if I have a complaint, feedback or a question?

If you have any issues with your BECODE BCA account, or aren’t satisfied in any way, please contact us ASAP. We’ll investigate your issue and work to resolve any problems you may be having.

Is BECODE BCA information protected by copyright? Are there any restrictions in how I can use the information BECODE gives me?

Whilst BECODE BCA is our product, the BCA belongs to the Australian Building Codes Board, and as such, it is a part of our terms and conditions when you sign up that you abide by their copyright rules. You can find them here. If you need a refresher, our T&C’s are here.