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Tech tool update calls for more efficient design assurance processes.

20 May 2019.

Following the events of Opal and Lacrosse Towers in 2018, BCA consultants and building certifiers have faced increased scrutiny in the media, government pressure to ‘improve certifier independence’, and changes to the NCC over the last nine months.

With greater emphasis being placed on rigorous documentation practices for design assurance and heightened demand within the industry, BECODE BCA’s latest update now allows users to export their BCA provisions, allowing them to better leverage these outcomes and easing the pressure placed on building compliance professionals.

This change is one of many updates coming to BECODE BCA this month, after overwhelming feedback from users, who insisted this capability would save them lots of time.

“Over the last few months, our clients have told us that being able to export [the] draft BCA report would be extremely valuable. In addition to the other updates we’ve made this month, we’re confident that BCA consultants and certifiers will be able to meet the growing documentation and client service demands of their job, and still make it home in time for dinner,” Will Marshall, Director of BECODE explained.

Other changes to BECODE BCA include new smartphone and tablet capability and improvements to the tool’s design assurance capabilities.

“Events like Opal and Lacrosse Towers have made the industry increasingly aware of the importance of good documentation practices. So, over the past few months we’ve made a very conscious effort to facilitate these improvements. It isn’t just about making notes, it is about giving context to safety and compliance decisions, and ultimately ensuring that this information is as accessible on site as it is sitting in front of your computer,” Pete Sanderson, BECODE’s General Manager emphasised.

These changes come off the back of a significant update in March, which saw BCA 2019 added onto the BECODE BCA platform.

“We have young and graduate fire engineers who struggle to navigate the clunky BCA .pdf document. By using BECODE BCA, they’ve been able to get a handle on a building’s compliance requirements extremely quickly – giving our clients accurate answers as soon as they need them,” Eliot Reeves, Associate Director of Performance Based Consulting pointed out.

You can find out more information about BECODE BCA’s new features here. Or click on sign up to try it for free.