How does BECODE figure out which parts of the BCA are relevant and which ones are not?

That’s the smart bit. Behind the user interface there are algorithms and flows which have been built by the team to pick through the BCA to find the right information based on your building inputs.

Are there any limitations on the kinds of design I can use in BECODE?

Currently BECODE includes BCA Volume 1, so provides guidance for Class 2-9 buildings. We’ll be including Volume 2, to cover Class 1 and 10 buildings in the future.

Why only sections C, D and E? Will you add the other sections of the BCA in the future?

BECODE’s founder, Will Marshall, is a registered C10 fire engineer, so when he started making BECODE, he wanted to work with the parts of the BCA that he knew best. However, we have more subject matter experts on board, and we’ll be adding the remaining sections of the BCA in the coming months.

Can I save previous projects or outputs?

Yes, once you're signed up to the BECODE monthly subscription all of your previous projects will automatically save. That way you can access and edit them as needed. 

Can I export the information that BECODE gives me?

Not yet, but this is a feature we’ll be adding in the future.

Does BECODE work on my smartphone or iPad?

No. BECODE isn’t optimised for any touchscreen devices at the moment, but this is a feature you will see added in the near future.