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When you login, you’ll be directed to your “Saved Projects” page.


To create a new project, click on “start” in the top right corner.

This is your building stats page. Here, you can build a basic model of your project for BECODE BCA to read. First BECODE BCA will ask you a few basic questions about your building. Enter the project name, project ID, project location, rise in storeys, effective height and select which version of the BCA you wish to comply to.

BBCA bca version 1.JPG

Using these buttons on the top and bottom of your 'building' you can add additional storeys both above and below ground.

building blocks 1.png

Add a class (or classes) to each storey so that BECODE can understand how your building is being used.

building blocks 2.png

If you have adjacent storeys of the same class you can simply change this number here to reflect that.

building blocks 3.png

If your building has ground entrances on multiple levels, simply move this icon.

building blocks 4.png

Use these buttons to add sprinklers and atria onto the storeys as needed.

building blocks 5.png

You can also name your storeys by simply clicking here.

building block 6.png

As you add to your building blocks, you’ll see details of the occupancy calculator start to change. Each row corresponds to each building block you’ve created. Enter the details to get an accurate picture of your building users.


Once you’ve completed this information, and you’ve been given a number of building users. Then, toggle over to the features tab and ‘switch on’ the ones that are relevant to each level.


Once you've completed an accurate model of your building click "Save and Continue".


You can use these buttons to give feedback, clear your building and access membership services respectively. 


Click to find help about refinement and outputs.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about BECODE you can contact us at any time.