Why can I trust BECODE?

BECODE was created by engineers and BCA consultants, who understand the code inside out. By working with master programmers, the leadership team has seen BECODE come to life in their vision. We originally created BECODE to make our jobs easier, that's why we know it works.

Who can use BECODE?

BECODE can be used by BCA consultants, project managers, engineers, architects and designers that need to know how the constraints of the BCA will affect their project. BECODE assumes that users have an intermediate understanding of the BCA and building compliance in general.

What can I expect from BECODE in the future?

Our product launch signals the beginning of the BECODE journey. We have lots of exciting developments in the pipeline including touchscreen optimisation, adding the remaining sections of the BCA and many more.

If there is a particular feature you would like to see in BECODE please contact us, or use the feedback function once you've logged in to let us know. We love getting feedback from our users!