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How  are BECODE products and the BECODE community related?

The BECODE community is owned and moderated by the creators of BECODE’s products. However, it was not created as an avenue to promote BECODE products. It was created in response to our company’s long-term goal to make innovation a central part of the construction compliance industry.

Is the BECODE community used to promote and market BECODE products?

Yes and no. There are a few mentions of BECODE products on various blogs, and obviously the resources section does focus on how to use BECODE products. However, the blogs on BECODE community all represent the authentic and genuine opinions of the people writing them, and more often than not there is no mention of BECODE products.

Who contributes to the BECODE community?

People from all industries and walks of life contribute to the BECODE community. If you’re interested in writing an article to make your opinion heard, you can contact us.

What is the purpose of the BECODE community?

The purpose of the BECODE community is to engender a more innovative mindset within the construction and compliance industries. By having a shared platform where we can collaborate, share ideas and voice our opinions we can work together to make buildings safer now and into the future.