BCA 2019: 1000 changes you DON’T know about!


Since the draft release of BCA 2019 in February, the construction industry has been preparing for change. The way fire sprinklers are used in class 2 and 3 buildings, how condensation is managed, and an overhaul of section J have all been widely publicised for the effects they’re expected to have on the construction industry. But, did you know that there are over 1000 lines of change to the BCA 2019?

That’s over 1000 changes to the wording, definitions and contents of the BCA. Some are easy to notice (like the above) and others are far more subtle. However, all will have implications for the safety and compliance of Australian buildings.

Here at BECODE we’ve spent the past two months programming these 1000+ changes into our database, and we’re thrilled to be able to release the BCA 2019 onto the BECODE BCA platform today.

The latest update will allow users to better serve their clients with fast and accurate compliance information, giving them an understanding of how compliance changes will affect their projects ahead of time and minimise the disruption these changes will cause their business.

“We believe BECODE BCA will help users with some of the ‘teething problems’ that result from changes in compliance documentation. Users can expect accurate and fast answers to compliance questions, and will find the BCA 2019 easier to use and navigate than the traditional BCA documentation,” BECODE Director, Will Marshall said.

The release also includes the addition of all versions of the BCA back to 2012, giving users more flexibility to use BECODE BCA on existing buildings, fit outs and refurbishments. It also gives users a better understanding of how their project’s compliance varies across different versions of the BCA, with the ability to compare different codes for similar building profiles.

If you’d like to see how BECODE BCA can help you and your team with BCA 2019, we encourage you to sign up and try for free here.